vacances a la mer Ishigaki marine activi
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Kabira bay - Vacances a la mer Ishigaki.
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◆ Crystal beach (クリスタルビーチ)

Walking out of the parking, it will take about 5-10 minutes to access the beach. You will have to walk down and cross a jungle area before reaching the beach. Crossed by a river, it's a great place for snorkeling. You will be able to see coral and tropical fishes. Swim on the left side.

Shadow: next to the hills.

Currents: strong when it's wavy and in deeper areas at big tide.

Parking: please walk to the beach from the house

Toilets: no

Yoshihara beach (吉原ビーチ)

3 minutes away by car. From the apartment, take the direction of Kabira, the beach is located close to the road 79, below the Yoshihara primary school. From the beach the view to the higher lands of Ishigaki is nice. Some coral and fish are watchable. Many sand areas as well.

Shadow: not much

Currents: be careful

Wild parking ok

Toilets: no

Yonehara beach (米原ビーチ)

This is the beach you can see from the terrace/balcony of your apartment. Located 5 minutes away by car, drive the opposite way of Kabira. Families like this beach as the waters are shallow. It's also easy to see fishes. It's nice for snorkeling.

The sand is white and beautiful and you can pick up pieces of coral on the beach (barasu in Japanese).

Shadow: not much

Currents: be careful, read the information signs

Parking: Parking fee usually needed in high season

Toilets: yes (free)

Sukuji beach (底地ビーチ)

15 minutes away by car from the house.

The beach is located in the Kabira neighbourhood, inside a bay. This is probably why waters are particularly warm. In summer time, a net is used to prevent the jellyfish to pass but still you need to be very carefully. Shallow waters and mountain views. No coral also the snorkeling is not very interesting. Many sandy areas.

The sunset is also very nice.

Shadow: A lot (very appreciated in summer)

Parking: free

Toilets and showers: free



◆ Ozaki beach (大崎ビーチ)

This is a beach which can be nice when the Northern wind is strong. Located in the Southern part of Saki eda, the place is famous for snorkeling, diving and surf boarding. Many diving tours go on to see the sea turtles spot.

Parking: yes

From the house: 15 min. drive

◆ Ibaruma beach (伊原間ビーチ)

This is the beach you can see from the famous Tamatorizaki observation platform. Very beautiful beach with shallow waters. Drive to the North (roads 390 or 79). After the roads 390 and 79 merge, drive for a short while. You will see on your right side a Post office, then a Police station (Ibaruma Substation on Google map). Turn right just after the police station, go straight and park at the entrance of the beach.

Parking: wild

From the house: 25 min. drive

◆ Akaishi beach (明石ビーチ)

Akaishi is a village located in the North of Ishigaki. Akaishi shokudo is a great local restaurant which made the village famous.

Drive on the road 206 to the North and turn right at the Akaishi sign to enter the village. Go straight and park near the beach. Long beach with beautiful sand a bit similar to Ibaruma beach.

Parking: wild

From the house: 35 min. drive

◆ Shiraho coast (白保海岸)

The village of Shiraho is very old and the Shiraho culture and traditions are very strong and still going on. Is famous aslo the Shiraho coral village and the Sunday market.

Shiraho coast is big. It can be nice to try snorkeling first from the point in front of cafe Moana. Shiraho has a big coral reef as you may have seen from the plane before landing in Ishigaki. Blue coral is famous in Shiraho.

Count about 30 min. from the house.



Here you can check the tide in Ishigaki, but also the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times.

During big tide days (at full moon), the currents are usually stronger. If the tide is very low some beaches may be very rocky and more difficult to access for swimming.

At full moon it's also more difficult to see the starry sky as it is too bright. Then it can be good to check the moonrise and moonset times.

​Vacances à la mer Ishigaki