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Please always double check the opening days and hours as they may change. Some restaurants close unexpectedly, especially during off season.

Resto Neighbourhood



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Yaeyama Kato Soba – 八重山嘉とそば -LUNCH-                               

It’s only 2 minutes walking from the house. The speciality of the restaurant is Okinawa shrimp noodles.The soup and the noodles’ style is different from the other soba restaurants of the island. It tastes more like râmen.

Address: 1216-602 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2329


Please check opening days & hours

Kato soba noodles restaurant Ishigaki
kato soba ishigaki.jpg


Cafe-restaurant located in the neighbourhood, 10 minutes walk from the house.

Breakfast (from 800 yen)

Lunch: Chicken noodles or chirashi sushi (from 1100 yen)

Drinks: tea, coffee, milk tea (from 400 yen)

Address: Kabira 1216-265, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-87-6519

Opening hours:

7:00 - 14:00

Please check opening days

(Lunch pictures: Yu-to Cafe)

yu-to gaikan.jpg
yu-to ishigakijima lunch.jpg

Poza Obasan no Shokutaku (Po) - ポーザーおばさんの食卓 -LUNCH- 

From the house, drive few minutes in direction of Kabira, the restaurant is on your left side.

Behind the restaurant, there is a farm. They use their own meat to make the hamburgs.

They also propose Japanese style curry, or yaeyama noodles.

From the hills, the view on Yamabare is nice.

Food prepared in advance. Canteen stlyle.


Address: 1216-154 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-84-4807

Please check opening days & hours

Poza obasan restaurant Kabira Ishigaki
Poza obasan restaurant Kabira Ishigaki

Carib cafe - カリブ カフェ -LUNCH-

This restaurant has different kinds of food: hamburgs, roasted chicken, fish cooked in an occidental cuisine style. Big size hamburgs. From the restaurant, nice view on Yamabare. About dinner and vegetarian meal please call to ask. The owner speaks English.


Address: 1216-113 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2113

Please check opening days & hours

Carib cafe Ishigaki res
carib cafe ishigaki1.jpg

Cafe Stella - カフェ・ステラ -LUNCH & CAFE- 

Located in the next door neighbourhood (Yoshihara area), count 3 minutes by car to reach this place. They have takoyaki (octopus balls), beef bowl, omelets, pasta, noodles... and are pretty much open to foreigners and willing to adapt the food. They can propose something for dinner if you call/reserve in advance.

Also: snacks, shave ice, tea, coffee, can juice, beers etc...


Address: 1215-11 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-87-9221

Please check opening days & hours


Tomi-no-pan - トミーのパン -BAKERY-

Tomi no pan is a bakery very close from the house. In the opposite direction of Kabira, it’s about 2 minutes driving or 10 minutes walking from the house. You will see the bakery signboard on your left side after crossing the bridge. They propose Japanese style bread as sweet red beans paste bread, Okinawa sweet red potato bread, curry bread, cheese bread or bacon bread. They also have baguettes, milk breads and plain breads. Recommend to go in the morning not too late to have more choice.

Address: 1216−591Kabira

Tel: 0980-88-2527

Opening hours: 10:00 - 13:00

Closed on Tue, Wed, Fri.

Closed at the end of the year

Tomi no pan bakery Kabira Ishigaki
Tomi no pan bakery Kabira Ishigaki
Tomi no pan bakery Kabira Ishigaki
Tomi no pan bakery Kabira Ishigaki

Karimata store - 狩俣ストア -SMALL GROCERY STORE- 

Drive about 3 minutes in direction of Kabira, you will see the shop on your right side. You will be able to buy 100 yens vegetables and fruits. In winter time vegetables are rare. Inside the shop: ice creams, easy food, snacks, bread, drinks are available. Yoshiko-san makes some noodles and lunch box as well.

Address: 1215-7 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2309

Opening hours: 14:00 - 20:00

(can be open earlier during summer)

(open everyday)

Karimata store small shop Kabira Ishigaki
Karimata store small shop Kabira Ishigaki
Karimata store small shop Kabira Ishigaki
Karimata store small shop Kabira Ishigaki

Yoshihara Community Center - 吉原公民館日曜市場 -YOSHIHARA SUNDAY MARKET-

The Community Center is also very close to Karimata store. Just before Karimata, turn right and drive down on 50 meters. You are arrived. According to the seasons, you will be able to buy vegetables, fruits and fish sometimes. Be aware this is a very small local market.

Address: 1193 Kabira, Ishigaki

Market opening hours: every Sunday from 10:00

Yoshihara sunday market Ishigaki
Yoshihara sunday market Ishigaki
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