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Please always double check the opening days and hours as they may change. Some restaurants close unexpectedly, especially during off season.

Resto Kabira


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Oishisa (おいシーサー遇)  -LUNCH-

Home made noodles / pork rice bowl /curry / ice creams.

Located in the center of Kabira (behind the police office), this is a local noodle restaurant where everything is home made and good. This is the best place of the island for the ice creams.

We recommend: Sicilian pistachio, mango, black sugar, passion fruit, rum raisin...

Menu in English. Small parking


Address: 906-1 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2233

Opening hours: 11:00 - 16:30

Call to confirm opening days

IMG_0437.jpg Kabira menu
IMG_0440.jpg Kabira ice creams menu

Ananda Kitchen - アナンダキッチン (all vegan & gluten free) / LUNCH

Very good South Indian food. All the dishes are vegan/gluten free. They prepare the dishes with organic fermented brown rice and organic local vegetables.

Usually closed during winter.

Address:184-1 Kabira (Near Sukuji beach)

Normally closes on Tuesday and Wed

Ajiya Jinbei Kabira Ishigaki restaurant

Ajiya Jinbei - 味屋 じんべい -LUNCH & DINNER-

Sushi, sashimi, fish cuisine, chicken curry etc…

The fish is very fresh. Very good quality.

In summer time it’s better to reserve.

Menu in English. (Less than10 minutes drive from the house)

Address: Kabira 906, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-84-4819

Opening hours:

Lunch → 12:00 - 14:00

Dinner → 18:00 - 22:00

Sat: 18:00 - 22:00

Sun: closed

Ajiya Jinbei Kabira Ishigaki restaurant
Ajiya Jinbei Kabira Ishigaki restaurant

UMARU (Okonomiyaki restaurant) - うまーる (お好み焼き) -DINNER-

This is an okonamiyaki restaurant open for dinner only. Okonomiyki is a speciality from Osaka. Umaru okonomiyaki’ s pancake has different ingredients: pork, shrimps, cabbage and vegetables. Everything is grilled.

Grilled noodles, grilled Ishigaki beef and ice creams are also available.

Take out service.


Address: Kabira 844−1 Ishigaki

Tel: 080-6953-9866

Opening hours: 18:00-22:00

Please call to confirm the opening days.

Umaru Okonomiyaki Kabira Ishigaki restaurant
Umaru Okonomiyaki Kabira Ishigaki restaurant

Kabiratei - 燻製沖縄料理 かびら亭 -LUNCH & DINNER-

Izakaya style restaurant offering Okinawan dishes and smoked steaks.

A bit pricy but everything is very good. Great home made sauces.

Dinner: Smoked stakes, pork, chicken and more. Izakaya style, Okinawa traditional food, champles...

Dessert: ice creams (blue seal)

Address: 868-1 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 050-5456-4182

Opening hours:

12:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00

Closed on Thursday (call to confirm)

kabiratei kabira a.jpg
Kabiratei smoked beef.jpg
kabiratei kabira b.jpg

Le dodo - ㇾドド -LUNCH & DINNER-

Very nice restaurant in Kabira offering Mauritius dishes (the owner is from Mauritius)

Lunch: 3 kinds of spice curry (chicken, fish, lamb) with saffron rice or Mauritius style bread (farata). Home made island chilli pepper sauce apart to add a spicy touch.

Dinner: Cold dish, rice, noodles, spice curry, meat, fish, dessert of the day

Vegetarian dish ok!

Address: 1009-1 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 080-3972-4640

Opening hours:

11:30-14:00, 17:30-22:00

Closed on Monday. Lunch only on Sunday.


Gajumaru no buranko - がじゅまるのブランコ - LUNCH & CAFE -

Food: sandwiches, omelette, curry, taco rice, drinks

About the restaurant name: gajumaru (banyan) is a typical Okinawan prop roots tree. Buranko means swing. Terrace outside.

Opening hours: 11:00-15:00

Address: 868-1 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 0980-87-5561

Please call to ask if they are open.

Photo: Gajumaru no buranko

blanco no gajumaru.jpg
cafe kuina ishigaki 1.jpg

Cafe Kuina - カフェクイナ -BREAKFAST & LUNCH-

Just before arriving at Kabira bay it will be on the right side.

Menu: Pasta, rice omelet, sea food gratin, Japanese hamburg, fried pork cutlet (tonkatsu), chicken, taco rice (Okinawan style rice and meat). Dessert: cheese cake, pan cake, ice cream, drinks (tea, coffee...)

Outside terrace with view on Kabira bay.

Address: 926-1 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 0980-87-6480

Opening hours: 7:00 - 16:00

Closed on Tue & Wed normally

(Photos: Cafe Kuina web site)

cafe kuina ishigaki 2.jpg
R's cafe Kabira Ishigaki

R's Cafe - アールズ・カフェ -BREAKFAST & LUNCH-

A cafe where you will be able to have also breakfast and lunch.

It's on the way when driving to Kabira bay. The view on the Kabira bay is very nice.

The cafe is connected to the Kabira pearl shop. (interesting to have a look)

You will be able to order:

-warm food (Taco rice: Okinawan style rice and meat, yaeyama noodles...)

-Desserts (rare cheese cake, coffee jelly, mini crepes)

- Sweets (rare cheese cake, mini crepes...)

-Drinks (juice, soda, tea, coffee, beer)


Address: 934 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 0980-88-2288

Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (normally opens everyday)

Pinacolada bakery Kabira Ishigaki

PINACOLADA (bakery) - ピナコラーダ

A very nice bakery with many types of bread: plain breads, baguettes, sandwiches, pizza breads, custard cream bread, berry pies, raisin breads, brown sugar bread…


Address : 836-4 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: no phone

Opening hours: 9:00 - 13:00

(Closed on Mon Tue and Wed).

Closes unexpectedly

Pinacolada bakery Kabira Ishigaki
Nakama shouten small shop Kabira Ishigaki


The main grocery store of Kabira area. Easy food, snacks, bread, lunch boxes, cup noodles, drinks, ice creams, vegetables or fruits sometimes.

Address: 918 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2218

Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Open everyday (call to confirm)​

Closes unexpectedly

Nakama shouten small shop Kabira Ishigaki
Miyzato shouten small shop Kabira



Very small shop before arriving in Kabira, in front of the Post office.

Cup noodles, ice creams, some fruits sometimes, drinks

Address: 964-5 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2221

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