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Please always double check the opening days and hours as they may change. Some restaurants close unexpectedly, especially during off season.

Good resto


Ishigaki shouten - 石垣商店 -LUNCH- (Saki Eda area)

Saki Eda is the most Western point of Ishigaki, located on the South-West of Kabira area. Ishigaki shouten is a very good Vietnamese restaurant located in Saki Eda. Dishes are prepared with ingredients from Ishigaki: fish green curry, chicken pho soup, hamburgs, spring rolls, ice-cream… From the house it takes about 10 minutes to get there. There is a parking in front of the restaurant and on the field next to it.

Address: 239-68 Sakieda, Ishigaki
Tel: 0980-88-2588


Opening hours:

11:00 - 16:00

(Normally opens everyday)

Ishigaki shouten vietnamese restaurant Saki eda Ishigaki
Ishigaki shouten vietnamese restaurant Saki eda Ishigaki
Ishigaki shouten vietnamese restaurant Saki eda Ishigaki

Garden Pana - ガーデンパナ -LUNCH & CAFE- (Saki Eda area)

A very healthy and delicate Asian cuisine & drinks made with the herbs of the garden, located itself just in front of the restaurant. Everybody is welcome to have a walk in the garden to have a look on the herbs varieties. Fruits and berries as well as island pepper are grown.

Address: 239-14 Sakieda, Ishigaki
Tel: 0980-88-2364


Opening hours:

10:00 - 16:00

(Please check opening days)

(Photos: Okinawa Clip)

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garden pana 1.jpg
Tonkatsu RIki2.JPG
Tonkatsu Riki1.JPG

Tonkatsu Riki - とんかつ力 -LUNCH- (Yonehara area)

This is a very good tonkatsu restaurant located near Yonehara beach, less than 5 min. by car from the house. Tonkatsu is a pork chop prepared in flour and beaten eggs, then breaded and fried. A miso soup, rice and cabbage are served with the meat.

Address: 642-1 Fukai, Ishigaki
Tel: 0980-88-2747


Opening hours:

11:00 - 14:00

Closed Sunday & Monday


Sabo Ufuta - 茶房 うふた -LUNCH- (Fukai area)

Located 10 min. by car from the house, this is a very good traditional Yaeyama soba restaurant. 八重山そば (Yaeyama soba) is a bol of noodles with pieces of pork . ジューシー (ju-shi-), is an Okinawan dish made of rice. For the dessert you can try the shaved ice made with Hateruma island black sugar.

Address: 148-471 Fukai Ota, Ishigaki
Tel: 090-6862-8458


Opening hours:

11:30 - 17:00

(Please check opening days or check their Facebook page)

Ufuta facebook page

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Adante island cuisine Ishigaki

Adantei - あだん亭 -DINNER- (Down town)

This is a great restaurant to discover and enjoy the real island food. There are plenty of dishes, including sushi, Ishigaki beef sushi, champles, Ishigaki fruits… The food is mainly made with Ishigaki products. We recommend island pepper tempura, fish tempura, papaya chample, soumen chample.

Address: Okawa 430 1F, Ishigaki

Tel: 050-5484-9563

Opening hours: 17:00 - 24:00

Closed on Tuesday

Adante island cuisine Ishigaki
Pengin Shokudo Ishigaki 2.jpg
Pengin Shokudo Ishigaki 1.jpg

Pengin Shokudou - 辺銀食堂(ペンギンショクドウ)- LUNCH & DINNER- (Down town)

Exotic and delicate, simple and beautiful Asian/Chinese cuisine. An excellent restaurant where the dishes are cooked as treasures. Authentic Pekin meals are cooked with Okinawa local products (Okinawa pig, lemon grass, island tofu, guava leaves...). Some of the dishes are spicy, always tasty. Some of the condiments are home made. No microwave, no Teflon pan, healthy and additive-free. Reservation necessary. Dinner only.

Address: 199-1 Okawa, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-7803

Please check their web site to know about

their opening days & hours

(Picture: Sri Lanka curry)


Nonbiri cafe - のんびりカフェ -LUNCH & CAFE- (Miyara area/South East)

Great home made food Italian restaurant located in Miyara area (south-east part of Ishigaki) hold by a Japanese couple very involved in making healthy food. Pizzas (margherita, Island vegetables pizza, island fruits dessert pizza with Ishigaki honey...), pasta (tomato sauce, carbonara sauce...), desserts (home made ice cream, chocolate cake...), drinks (herbal tea, coffee, beers...). Outside terrace. It's necessary to go early otherwise you will have to wait. (Photos: Okinawa clip)

Address: 1004-4 Miyara, Ishigaki

Tel: 070-5817-1906

Opening hours: 11:00 - 15:30

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Ban chan ishigaki 3.jpg
Ban chan ishigaki 2.jpg

Shunka Banchan - 旬家ばんちゃん -BREAKFAST & LUNCH- (Shiraho/South East)

The restaurant is located in a very old village of Ishigaki called Shiraho.

A Japanese couple run this Japanese restaurant. The food is delicious and delicate, home made with Ishigaki ingredients. For lunch it's possible to choose between different main dishes. The price is reasonable for the quality of the food in the plate. Next to Shiraho seaside.

The restaurant got a prize for the best Okinawan cuisine few years ago. Must reserve.

Address: 13-1 Shiraho, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-87-0813

Opening hours:

8:30 -15:00

Closed on Wed & Thur (Check their site)

Call to confirm and reserve

Ban chan ishigaki 1.jpg

Aragaki shokudo - 新垣食堂 -LUNCH- (Ibaruma/Northern area)

Traditional & local food. Restaurant getting more and more famous.

They are using the meat of their own farm and propose few dishes. All are simple but very good: beef soup (with innards), beef curry, beef noodles. Better to reserve.

(Photo: Beef soup)

Address: 59 Ibaruma, Ishigaki

Tel: 090-1943-0924

Opening hours: 11:30 - 14:00

Please check opening days

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