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vacances a la mer Ishigaki marine activi
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Kabira bay - Vacances a la mer Ishigaki.
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Marine activities


Diving, snorkeling, kayak, marine activities... Here are few shops we can recommend. The staff speaks English (or at least some) and foreigners are welcome.

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Snorkeling & phantom island

Snorkeling / limestone cave / phantom island



Hi! I am Nicolas (Vacances a la mer Ishigaki's owner). We propose 3 tours to our guests, but also to any person interested. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Certifications: Life guard; snorkeling guide (OMSB)

Languages: English, Japanese, French

To reserve a tour please contact us.

(You will find more pictures of the tours in the photo gallery page)

Limestone cave (blue cave) & snorkeling (May - October) 6 persons max


After a short walk in the jungle, we reach the beach and go to visit the limestone cave.  Then we go snorkeling for about 1 hour. During this tour you will be able to see different kinds of corals and tropical fish (including clown fish).

Total tour duration: About 3h. (only 5 minutes drive from the house)

Timetable: 9:00-12:00 or 14:00-17:00 (schedule can be adjusted to the guests request)

Tour fee: 5000 YEN/adult (children from 6 to 12: 4000 YEN)

Includes: transportation, snorkeling sets & life jackets and marine shoes.

The guests staying at our apartments can re-use the snorkeling gears for a private use without extra cost for their entire stay.

More pictures of the tours here

vacances a la mer ishigaki snorkeling tour 海の休日石垣島シュノーケリングツアー.jpg

Crystal hunting & coral snorkeling (May - October) 6 persons max

After a short walk in the jungle, we reach the beach and look for natural crystals. Then we swim at the closest beach from the house. We swim in shallow waters and in deeper waters, nearby different coral rocks and tropical fish spots. 

Total tour duration: About 2h30 (snorkeling time is about 1 hour)

Timetable: 9:30-12:00 or 13:30-16:00 (schedule can be adjusted to the guests request)

Tour fee: 4000 YEN/adult (children from 6 to 12: 3000 YEN)

Includes: snorkeling sets & life jackets and marine shoes.

The guests staying at our apartments can can re-use the snorkeling gears for a private use without extra cost for their entire stay

More pictures of the tours here

crystal & snorkeling tourクリスタルビーチシュノーケリングツアー.jpg

Limestone cave (blue cave) walking tour (All year round but only at spring tide)

For the guests who would like to visit the blue cave only. No snorkeling, no swimming. After a short walk in the jungle, we walk to the limestone cave at low tide. On the way we have a look on few coral rocks, star sand and tropical fish (including clown fish) before entering in the cave.

Total tour duration: About 2h00

Timetable:  depending on the tide. Please contact us.

Tour fee: 3000 YEN/adult (children from 6 to 12: 2000 YEN)

Includes: transportation and marine shoes.

The guests staying at our apartments can re-use the marine shoes for a private use without extra cost for their entire stay

Vacances a la mer Ishigaki 海の休日石垣島 青の洞窟ツアー.jpg

Snorkeling set rental

We propose to our guests snorkeling sets rental.

Mask & snorkel + fins + life jacket: ¥1500 / stay / person

Fins only or Mask & snorkel only: ¥1000 / stay / person

Marine shoes: ¥500 / stay / person

Life jacket only: Free

To the guests taking a snorkeling tour with us:

the snorkeling material is included in the tour fee. It can be reused anytime for free during the stay.

We recommend to bring a rash guard when coming to Ishigaki. It will protect you from the sun and the venomous marine life. It's good to have marine/water shoes as well. (Rash guards and wetsuit vests rental available)



Haft day and 1 day tours. Usually English speaking staff during the high season. Some members of the staff speak some English as well and do their best to communicate. Otherwise English information in the car/on the boat is available.


Marine sports, blue cave-snorkeling, fishing, phantom island + snorkeling, manta ray & sea turtle snorkeling tours. Half day tour from ¥6500/person.

Departures from the port down town. 30 min. by boat to the phantom island.

To book a tour please contact Nicolas or RISE Ishigakijima

TEL: (+81) 980-87-0136

Opening hours: 7:30-20:30


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Scuba diving

Viking scuba diving kabira ishigaki2.jpg


Diving (beginners or certified divers) and PADI dive course. Manta point diving.

About the owners: Anna is Swedish and owns the shop with her husband Toyo. They are very kind and will make you feel comfortable.

Departures from Kabira port

TEL: (+81) 980-87-6430

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

To book please fill out the online booking form

NB: Between November and April it's usually difficult to dive at the manta point. Diving trips all year round.

Euro divers scuba diving Kabira Ishigaki


Euro divers is a company with branches worldwide. Ishigaki branch is located inside the Club Med in Kabira. In front of the beach, after few minutes by boat you will reach the manta point. The location of the shop is probably one of the best on the Island, in the heart of Kabira beautiful coral reefs.

The staff is very international. They speak: Japanese, English, Chinese, French. They are usually open from mid April to end of October each year.

Phone/Whatsapp/Viber:  +818064936871

Contact form online.

Kayak & SUP

Kayak & SUP


Kayak & SUP shop. The shop is located in Nagura (on the west coast of Ishigaki). Count about 15 min drive from the house.

Sea Kayak, sunset kayak, mangrove kayak, Sea SUP, sunset SUP, mangrove SUP tours.

The staff takes pictures of you during the tour. Free parking space.

Opening hours: 9:00-20:00

chula chula ishigaki.jpg


Marine shop & car rental located nearby Yonehara beach (you can see a sign Jelly fish on the road 79).

The staff speaks a little bit English.

They propose many beach items for rental whose you can check the list on their web site. We recommend to our house guests the full wet suit rental when swimming in chilly waters (¥1500/day). Hot shower is ¥400.

The shop is located 5 min. by car from the house.

Jely fish proposes 2 tours:

Blue cave sea kayak tour (¥7700)

◆ Sea turtle snorkeling tour (¥7700)


Opening hours: 9:00-18:00

Jelly fish ishigaki kayak tour_edited.png


Attention: Marine shop located on Iriomote island. It is necessary to take a ferry from Ishigaki port to Iriomote Uehara port.

The staff speaks a little bit English. We recommend this shop to our guests to discover Iriomote mangroves and nature.

◆Half day (from ¥7000) & 1 day tours

◆Sea & mangrove kayaking, snorkeling, jungle trekking & waterfall, canyoning, 2 days camp tour...

TEL: 0980-85-6222


iriomote kayak mangrove tour (mansaku shop).jpg

Sabani sailing boat

Sabani ishigaki7.JPG

KU-RA SABANI TOUR (久宇良サバニツアー)

Sabani is a traditional wooden sailboat used in the past in Okinawa. Mr. Yoshida learnt how to build it and created these unique sabani tours. Sabani is only made of natural materials. To stick the parts of wood of the boat shark oil is used.

The tours go on the beautiful Hirakubo peninsula, in the extreme Northern part of Ishigaki. From the house count about 40 min. to reach Hirakubo. There are 3 kinds of tours:

◆ Sabani ride

◆ Sabani + snorkeling

◆ Sabani sunset cruise

Online booking. Foreign customers welcome. English page.


parasailing ishigaki.jpg

Blue seasar (ブルーシーサー)

Blue seasar is a marine sports shop proposing parasailing activities.

The customers car choose the length of the rope (3 options: 100m, 150m or 200 meters)

Children from 120cm can participate as well.

Departures morning or afternoon. (Parasailing from ¥7000)


◆ Parasailing only

◆ Parasailing + snorkeling (half day)

◆ Parasailing + diving (half day)

◆ Sunset parasailing

◆ Snorkeling only (half day)

◆ Introductory diving only (half day)

Online booking. Foreign customers welcome. English page.


(Photo: Ishigaki tourism association)

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