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vacances a la mer Ishigaki marine activi
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Kabira bay - Vacances a la mer Ishigaki.
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Look and discover
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Kabira bay

Kabira bay

It's one of the most famous places of Ishigaki. The sand is white and the waters are blue-emerald green all year round. There you can have a walk on the beach and in the park. However it's forbidden to swim there. It is dangerous as currents are strong. Moreover, glass boats are often coming and leaving.

Parking: fee required

Glass boat trip: about 1000 yens for 30 minutes. Half-price for children aged under 13.

10 min. drive from the house

Kabira bay Ishigaki
Kabira bay Ishigaki

Facilities in Kabira

Nakama shouten small shop Kabira Ishigaki
Aoi sangosho glass boat Kabira Ishigaki
Aoi sangosho glass boat Kabira Ishigaki
Kabira garden Ishigaki


This is the main grocery store of the neighbourhood. Easy food, snacks, bread, lunch boxes, cup noodles, drinks, ice creams, vegetables or fruits sometimes.

Address: 918 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2218

Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Normally open everyday. Open hours may change.


At Kabira bay, Aoi-sangosho is one of the companies offering glass boat tours on the bay. It can be interesting for those who don't dive or go snorkeling, or during the cold season.

Address: 913 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 0980-88-2639

Open hours: 9:00 - 17:00

Price before discount:

Adult: 1200 yens - Child: 600 yens


At Kabira bay, Kabira garden is a souvenir shop.

There is a restaurant as well in the building where you can have lunch.

Address: 917-1 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel : 0980-88-2440

Opening hours : 9 :00-17 :30 (shop)/11:00-14:30 (restaurant)

Open everyday (Opening days and hours change according to the seasons)


Located 10 min. drive from the house, this is the closest place to withdraw money. ATM available in English.

ATM opening hours

Mon-Fri: 8:45~17:30

Saturday: 9:00~12:30

Sunday & holidays: close

Address: 1033-70 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2140

Yonekoyaki craft center

Yonekoyaki craft center

On the road to Yonehara beach, Yonekoyaki is a place where you can see and buy handmade Shisa. In Okinawa, Shisa (シーサー) are lions protecting the houses. You can see them either at the entrance, either on the roof of a house. There are usually two of them, the male and the female. Shisa look a bit different than the lions from Taïwan or China.

At Yonekoyaki you will be able to have a walk in a large park where a lot of cement made Shisas have been made. There is also the shop where you can see/buy home made Shisa.

Free parking. Open 7 days a week. The visit of the shisa park is free (9:00 - 16:50)

Address: 447-1 Fukai, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2559

5 min. drive from the house

Yonekoyaki Shisa Yonehara Ishigaki
ishigaki yonekoyaki craf center yonehara
Yaima village

Yaima village

This is a local theme parc where you can experience Ishigaki's culture.

It's nice especially for families with children. It's located near Nagura bay between Kabira and down town.

Address: 967-1 Nagura, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-82-8798

9:30am - 5:30pm - open 7days a week

ADULT: 1000 yens (from age of 13)

CHILD: 500 yens (children aged from 3 to 6)

15m. drive from the house

Download the Yaimamura English brochure

At Yaimamura, you will be able to...

- Listen to Okinawa's traditional music and songs.

- Have a walk to see mangroves and Ishigaki's trees and flowers.

- See traditional houses.

- See small monkeys (リスザル) at the monkeys area.

- See Nagura bay from the observation deck

Other activites require a fee and/or a reservation...

- Wear a traditional kimono (+500 yens/person)

- Make sata andagi, Okinawa's doughnut. (+1100 yens/person)

- Make Island sandals. (+2200 yens/3 hours)

- Make Okinawa Shisa. (+1300 - 2200 yens/60 min)

- Make painted shell amulet (+ 700 yens/30 min)

- Make a mangroves tour with a guide (+3300 yens. Up to 5 persons/40 min)

At the restaurant you will be able to try (11:00 - 14:30)

- Yaeyama noodles, sparerib noodles, ...

Ishigaki Yaima village monkeys
Ishigaki Yaima village
Ishigaki Yaima village
Ishigaki Yaima village
Ishigaki Yaima village
Mineya Kobo

Mineya Kobo

Mineya Kobo (みね屋工房) is a museum & craft center introducing a traditional Okinawan textile called Minsa. Made of cotton (originally ‘Min’ means cotton), its rectangles pattern is particularly famous in the Yaeyama islands, and since over 400 years.

In the past, the Yaeyama women used to give a minsa textile to the man they loved. Another common pattern is the Mukade moyo (centipede pattern). It is made of horizontal lines and beautiful indigo colours.


Opening hours: 9:30-18:30 (open every day)

Entrance fee: free

Address: 1129-2 Arakawa, Ishigaki (south of Nagura bay)

Tel: 0980-83-0039


There are actually two minsa museums. One is located in the center of Ishigaki (Minsa Kogei Museum), the other one is in the South of Nagura bay and has more Indigo colours textile. Both craft centers have traditional hand-weaving work shops (coaster, handkerchief, table cloth...)

(Pictures: やえやまなび)

minsa ishigaki 1.jpg
minsa ishigaki 4.jpg
minsa ishigaki 3.jpg
minsa ishigaki (2).jpg
Yaeyama museum

Ishigaki city Yaeyama museum

Small museum located in the center of Ishigaki. The exhibited items show how the people were living before in the Yaeyama islands (folkcraft instruments, paintings, pottery, ancient tools, clothes...)


Address: 4-1 Tonoshiro, Ishigaki (next to the city hall)

Tel: 0980-82-4712

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Closed on Monday, public holidays and new year

Entrance fee: 200 yens

(Pictures: Japan hoppers)

Ishigaki city Yaeyama museum (2).jpg
Ishigaki city Yaeyama museum (1).jpg
Ishigaki city Yaeyama museum (4).jpg
Ishigaki city Yaeyama museum (3).jpg
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