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To reserve or for any information request, please contact us with the form below. Thank you to specify your dates, the number of persons, children age... We will answer by e-mail  within 24 hours.

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Nicolas & Etsuko

Address: 1216-660 Kabira, Ishigaki.

TEL: (+81) (0)980-87-5661


Vacances a la mer Ishigaki 海の休日石垣島

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We are located between Kabira and Yonehara aera, nearby the main road 79.
To find us please look for 「Vacances a la mer Ishigaki」 in Google map. We are very close to the restaurant 「Yaeyama Kato soba.」You can also reach us using this map code in your car navigation: 366 395 087.
Please follow the signs. Park anywhere at the parking and call us using the intercom. Thank you!

(Please do not use our address in the car navigation system, it doesn't work!)

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