vacances a la mer Ishigaki marine activi
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Kabira bay - Vacances a la mer Ishigaki.
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Walk in the neighbourhood

Just behind the house, on the hills, you will be able to have a walk. There are many paths going up and down. From there the view on the sea is very beautiful.


Go to Uganzaki

This is the most western point of Ishigaki Island. The walk and the view are nice.

From there you can also see Iriomote island or enjoy the sunset.

Parking: Free

About 15 min. by car from the house


Climb Ishigaki mountains

Mt Nosoko-Maape (野底岳マーペー)

25 min. drive to access to the shortcut starting point


Height: 282 meters (Another Ishigaki mountain, the Mt. Omoto, is the highest mountain of Okinawa prefecture, it’s 528 meters high)


Climbing time: 15 - 30 minutes


The legend: A broken heart girl named Maapee decided to climb the Nosoko mountain. She turned to a rock. Her name has been given to the mountain.


1. Drive on the road 390 and look for the bus stop Oono, in Japanese 大野. It looks like this:

2. If you come from the North turn right just before the bus stop. If you come from the South turn left just after the bus stop.

3. Drive few minutes and when you see this sign, turn right. Then drive up.

4. You will find a place to park and a green sign after 10 minutes. Park and walk in the path.

Mt Omoto (於茂登岳)

From the apartment, count about 15 min. to reach the starting point. Access from the road 87. Just follow the sign or use Google map.


Height: 525.5 meters (This is Okinawa prefecture's highest mountain)


Climbing time: about one and a half hour from the first parking (Further there is another parking space. Count 10 min. walking between the two parking spaces).


Climbing:  The path to the top is very well-maintained and it is possible to clim Omoto Mountain with children from the age of 5-6. On your way you will see many kinds of tropical trees, rivers, insects… it’s nice to take the time to look around when climbing.

Mt Yarabu (屋良部岳)

From the apartment, count about 20-25min. to reach the starting point.


Height: 217 meters


Climbing time: about 10 min. from the path.


Climbing:  The path is well-maintained and it is possible to climb the mountain with children from the age of 4-5. On the way there is one or two areas a bit high to climb for small children but it's fine with parents help.

Just look for Yurabudake in Google map to find it (the mountain is located in Saki eda area). After climbing by car for 5-10 min. you will see the starting point path on the side of the road.

​Vacances à la mer Ishigaki