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vacances a la mer Ishigaki marine activi
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Kabira bay - Vacances a la mer Ishigaki.
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Visit and try
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Yaeyama palm grove

Yaeyama palm grove & Papaya shop

The place is close to Yonehara beach and easy to find thanks to the palmtree sign in the middle of the road. The palm trees are up to 20 meters high and are a national treasure. In June you can see fireflies (go just before it gets dark).

Parking: Free

Address: 491 Fukai, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-82-3166

At the same place you will also find the 'Papaya' fresh juice shop. All the juices are made with 100% Ishigaki fruits (Mango, pineapple, red dragon fruit, island banana, guava). The fruits are mixed with local sugar cane juice squeezed at the shop.

Sugarcane juice: 300-400 yens

Fresh juice: 500 yens

There is as well a home made salt produced with Yonehara coast sea water, the best salt of Ishigaki island. When making the salt, minuscule parts of coral remain inside and it's not good for health. Hopefully they extract it to make the purest salt.

Open 7 days a week. 8:30 - 18:00

Yaeyama palm grove Ishigaki
Papaya fresh juices shop Yonehara Ishigaki
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Sugar cane Ishigaki

Rinka - Pottery & accessories

Rinka (燐火) is a Shisa/vessel/accessories making place. You can also just visit and have a look on the potteries.

-Shisa making

-Vessel making

-Accessory making

Please make a reservation for pottery making.

Address: 1216-60 Kabira, Ishigaki

Tel: 0980-88-2117

Open 7 days a week: 9 am - 17pm

(May closes on Sat and during public holidays. Please call)

5 minutes by car/20 minutes by foot from the house

Rinka Kabira Ishigaki potery
Rinka Kabira Ishigaki potery
Rinka Kabira Ishigaki potery accessories
Rinka Kabira Ishigaki potery

Try awamori alcohol

Takamine Shuzoujo (高嶺酒造所) is an awamori distillery located in Kabira (near Kabira bay).
Since 1949, they produce a traditional and local awamori (sake of Okinawa). All year round you can freely go there and ask for a visit of the factory. After the visit they let you taste few alcohols.
Parking: 4 parking spaces
Address: 930-2 Kabira, Ishigaki
Tel: 0980-88-2201
Open everyday
Visit (about 20 min): Free. From 9:00 to 17:00 (
no reservation)
About 10 minutes by car from the house.

Takamine Shuzoujo distillery Kabira Ishigaki
Takamine Shuzoujo distillery Kabira Ishigaki
Takamine Shuzoujo distillery Kabira Ishigaki
Sanshin lesson

Try Okinawan guitar

Sanshin lesson Yamabare Kabira Ishigaki
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