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vacances a la mer Ishigaki marine activi
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Kabira bay - Vacances a la mer Ishigaki.
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The blue coral area of Shiraho is located about 1,5 km on the North of Shiraho beach. The airport is also close to this area. The blue coral zone is located few hundred meters from the shore.

In order to protect the coral, there is a sign at the entrance of the beach saying it is not allowed to swim from the shore.
For about¥5000 per person, few marine shops organise snorkeling tours by boat.


As we can see on these pictures, the blue coral is actually... not blue. It is a kind of beige or light brown colour. The shape of the coral itself is very interesting.
So why is it called blue coral if it is not blue?
Actually it is blue but inside. Please look at the picture above showing some damaged coral. It shows a very beautiful pop blue colour.

It is possible to observe in Shiraho other species of coral as green corals, known to be strong to very warm waters.

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