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Drive in Japan

Who needs a translation
Travelers from which countries need an official JAF translation to drive in Japan?

Travelers with a driving license issued in Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Monaco and Taiwan need an official Japanese translation of their national driving license.
I have an international driving license issued in one of the countries listed above. Do I still need to get it translated?

Yes, an international license issued in one of these countries is not valid in Japan.
Which organisation delivers the official translation?

JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) does it. It's the only organism able to do the translation
Our service

We will take care of the driving license translation procedure for you as soon as we received your e-mail. You will get an answer from us within 24 hours. If you don't find any answer from us with 24 hours, please check your spam mail box.

※We speak English/French/Japanese.

Send us an e-mail to order your translation here

In your message please let us know:

- your first and last names

- your e-mail address

- your payment & delivery option


As soon as we receive your translation request, we will send a secured link for a payment by credit card to your e-mail address. Please make the payment within 24 hours so we can apply for the translation immediately. If after 48 hours, we still haven't received any payment, and if we can't contact you, the procedure will automatically be cancelled.

We accept

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How / Where would you like to receive the translation?


At your home country address.

(EMS Japan Post tracking service available)

Your translation request should be sent at least 3 weeks before your departure for Japan.



Fee: 12000 YEN


At your hotel, or any address in Japan. (Japan Post tracking service available)


We will call the hotel to let them know we are sending you an important document.


Your translation request should be sent at least 2 weeks before your arrival in Japan.


Fee: 10000 YEN



Get the document on your mobile phone and print it by yourself in a 7/11 convenience store in Japan.

Your translation request should be sent at least 1 week before your arrival in Japan.



Fee: 9000 YEN

Small country towns or small islands may not have a 7/11 convenience store.


Check and find a 7/11 store

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Notice to our guests

Guests staying at our place who ordered a translation can pick it up directly in Ishigaki from the car hire company they chose.

The fee is 9000 YEN. Note there is no 7/11 on Ishigaki island.

Important info

※ While driving in Japan, your national driving license + the original JAF translation are both needed.

If one document is missing, you won't be able to hire a car in Japan.

※ An international driving license from Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Monaco and Taiwan is not valid in Japan.

※ A digital copy or a photo of the translation is not valid. You must have the original paper translation from JAF, otherwise you won't be able to hire a car in Japan.

※ The same applies to hire a low CC motorbike (Over 50cc), as for a car, your national driving license + the JAF translation are both necessary.

※ The validity of the translation is the same as the one specified on the driving license. However, in case of any information change on the national driving license (ex: address, marital name), a new translation is required.

※ Apply for several drivers: if you would like to request several translations for several drivers, please let us know. It is possible to do it at the same time.

terms and conditions

1. Introduction
Please find below the Terms and Conditions of our company, Vacances à la mer Ishigaki, located 1216-660 Kabira, Ishigaki, Japan. Any person requesting our service must accept our Terms and Conditions valid as a contract.

2. Terms of Service
We are providing a service aiming to assist any person who needs an official JAF translation, in order to be able to drive in Japan. The JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) is the company issuing such a document. As a third party, we will request an official translation document for anyone requiring so. Only the driving licenses issued in the following countries are concerned by such a service: Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Monaco, and Taiwan. Our service is based on Japanese regulations and JAF rules.

3. Cancellation of the request
Cancellation from the customer
We will not refund any customer who decides to cancel a request after the procedure has been initiated. Once the customer has paid, a refund will no longer be possible.

Rejection from JAF
If for any reason your application is denied by JAF, we will not refund the service fee.

4. Change of content and Terms of Use
We reserve the right to modify or adapt our terms of use at anytime, without prior notice, as well as any description of our service, explained on our web site:

5. Responsibility in delivery  
We will not take any responsibility concerning any delay in the translation document delivery. This includes delivery company strikes, delivery mistakes, but also natural disaster which may cause unforeseen delays in delivery. Please note that the delivery information indicated on our web site is indicative,  threfore we encourage customers to make their request as soon as possible.

6. Correct and accurate information
We will not take any responsibility in any mistake made by the customer.
The customer has the responsibility to give us accurate information, suitable photos of the driving license, as required in our e-mail. In case of inappropriate or incorrect information, the customer will have to assume the consequences of any extra fee or delay in the delivery.

7. Customer consent
By contracting our service, the customer consents to give us any information necessary to complete the procedure.
Customer intellectual privacy
As a third party, we are collecting customer private information suc
h as names, addresses, email addresses, credit card information, and official documents.  We will never keep this information for private use, transfer or sell it to any other party. We commit to respect and protect customers’ privacy.

8. Technical matters
We will not take any responsibility for any technical issue occurring during the procedure. This includes JAF technical issues, as well as technical problems from the customer side, such as for example power cuts, Internet failure, or any related technical issue

9. Termination clause
We keep the right to suspend or terminate a user access to our site without any notice, assuming that the customer does not agree with our Terms and Conditions.

10. Legal matters
By using our web site and services, the customer agrees to submit any claim or dispute arising to the jurisdiction of the Japanese courts.

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